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School Recordkeeper software enables your school to save time and money as well as streamline operations and increase efficiency. We can help you automate and manage your business so that you save money on staff and technology costs. Migrating to School Recordkeeper is easy. We can import your existing data from a variety of formats and from multiple sources. Your data can be formatted for any operating system; we work just as easily with Mac, PC, UNIX, and others. If you are currently using spreadsheets such as excel, an Access database, or some other form of electronic tracking we can easily bring all your data into School Recordkeeper. If you are doing things by hand, on paper, it is simple quickly to enter data into the application. School Recordkeeper is designed to help you enter and maintain the records you've been keeping on paper.

Save money and time by turning your work force into an efficient data processing machine. By consolidating your data and integrating all your organization's needs you reduce double data entry, mistakes, and the need for manually tallying and reporting. If you or your employees use Excel to store and report data on a regular basis; we can guarantee your are doing things the hardest way possible. School Recordkeeper is designed to make your operations easier. School Recordkeeper's powerful student contact, personnel, class/course and reporting modules are fully-integrated with eachother and provide one spot to organize and manage scheduling, transcripts, HR, accounting, student history, work history and much more.

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The Process

Once you have purchased the software, we will work with you to import your data and train you on using the software. Some setup and data import is included in the purchase price, however there may be additional charges depending on the complexity of the migration, and the amount of staff your organization needs to train. Please refer to the pricing page and the training page for more detailed information. If you require in-person assistance in your migration process, we can easily arrange to provide on-site training, setup and assistance for your organization.

There are some steps you can take to help any migration run more smoothly. These steps include: identifying all sources of data you require be integrated in School Recordkeeper, identifying key personnel who will need to use the application, and, what their roles are, thinking about how you want to use the software to support your business process, and identifying a time-table for your transition to School Recordkeeper. We can and will consult with you on any and all of these steps, however it is a good idea to be thinking about these things as you move to a new platform.

Some things to consider..

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