School Recordkeeper Pricing

School Recordkeeper K-12, School Recordkeeper Pro, School Recordkeeper AE (Althernative Education) are available through two different pricing options. The School Recordkeeper application, related FilemakerPro softare, and basic support/training can be purchsed outright for a one-time charge. Coyote is also available for a yearly fee which includes the School Recordkeeper application, related filemakerPro software, and a training/support package.

For pricing information about Apprenticeship Tracker please contact us for a quote.

Standard Pricing


Starting at $2450.00¹

Own the current software with nothing more to pay and no contract.

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Annual Pricing


Starting at $99.00/Month¹

Pay a monthly fee and receive software, support and upgrades as part of your package.

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Custom Programming and Consulting

Services provided by RecordKeeper Systems for a flat-rate of $180.00/hour.
$220 per hour for development owned or to be owned by the client

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Onsite Training and Installation

We can get you up and running quickly and efficiently by having our installation staff onsite. We can convert you existing data, customize your screens and report to meet you exact needs. While on-site we can train your staff to use the product effectively.

Services provided by RecordKeeper Systems for a daily flat-rate of $1450.00/day. Travel expenses are an additional charge.

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¹ Pricing options are for School Recordkeeper, School Recordkeeper K-12, and School Recordkeeper AE. Please contact us for pricing information regarding Apprenticeship Tracker.