School Recordkeeper

Whole School Course, Student & School Database Management Tool for K-12, middle and high schools, and higher education

Class (Course or Section) Management

The Courses and Sections module tracks all course classes and keeps abhistory of all completed classes. Courses can be setup with complicated schedules for different periods and times on different days of the week. Each course tracks it's room and location as well as instructor for creating course and instructor calendars. Each course is the linked to detailed grade book tracking with tests, quizzes and tracking each assignment and the students performance.

Daily attendance and performance tracking allows for a complete overview of each student's performance. After a course is completed, instructors can use the Comment Writer module to enter lengthy instructor comments and letter grades. The remote comment writer allows instructors to write their comments offline and synchronize them with the server upon returning to school.

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Student Management

The Student Management module tracks student contacts and family relationships; it enables fast updates of related student information. Bussing tracking keeps track of current bus routes, pickup and drop off times as well as transportation costs invoice printing. Student health records tracks immunizations, allergies, medications, medical notes, doctors and what over-the-counter drugs may be administered by staff. Student histories can be tracked in detail including entry and exit points, when transcripts were sent and even includes a portfolio of documents.

Portfolio documents are stored in the database for retrieval anywhere even without access to the original documents' location. Daily plans offers detailed tracking and reporting of where each student goes after school. Exceptions can be logged, and a detailed report can be printed showing each student by class with where they go on that day.

Student discipline tracks absences, detentions, detention attendance and rescheduling. Student accounting allows posting payments for classes as well as posting charges. You can use auto or manual allocation of payment across charges including deposits. You can print statements and invoices.

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Personnel Management

The Personnel Management module manages all users including staff, instructors, and any other required personnel. Track detailed permissions for each area of the program. User Rights restricts authorization to view and/or to edit data to the right individuals. Detailed personnel tracking helps you track and maintain your users' vehicles, emergency contacts, parking permits and more. Human resource tools track various HR data elements, Time off, Training and certification.

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Location Management

Define each room of your facility in detail--including power outlets, seating capacities, room floor plan, and other resources in the room. Each location can be separately scheduled. Class and room calendars can be printed to show availability.

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Families (Contact) Management

The Families (Contacts) module stores detailed information about family members related to the student—typically parents or guardians. This module tracks emergency information, volunteer hours and donor hours related to parents/guardians.

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Admissons Management

The Asmissions module tracks all information associated with applicants to your school or programs. You can track prior education experience, personal information, experience which migth be pertinent to an application, a students' personal statement, and more. This information may be entered directly into School Recordkeeper or it may be imported and synced with our integrated web modules.

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The Reports module includes over 200 built-in reports as well as customizable templates for completing your own mail-merge reports. AP Tracker reports can be completely customized to your requirements, although so many built-in reports typically means that we have already created the report you require.

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The Menu module provides one-click access to a variety of system-wide functions within School Recordkeeper including archiving features, data upgrade, and data exports.

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Setup provides you with a range of control over how you and your users access the program and work with data. You have complete control over permissions, creating class types, system generated messages, personnel and group settings—even the look and feel of the application.

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Web Interface

  • Interfaces with Microsoft IIS, Apache (OSX/Unix) webserver
  • Utilizes Lassosofts lasso LDML web programming language
  • Web code is compatible with Graphical Web html editors
  • Code is fully unlocked for user modification
  • Customization service available
  • If you can imagine it - we can build it!

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