School Recordkeeper AE

Whole School Course, Student & School Database Management Tool for Alternative Education

Originally designed to meet the detailed specifications of the Summit View Alternative High School. School Recordkeeper AE has been customized for alternative education programs. The only program of its kind, the capabilities of the software came from years of loos development by faculty staff and recently redeveloped to create a unified system with a point and click user interface for highest efficiency.

Student Management

  • Detailed logging is the key to student management. The Student Management module creates a detailed log of what is occurring with each student, and allows for quick review of a student's status.
  • You can track student books and accounting, conferences, correspondence, attendance, and testing.
  • Detailed timestamps and entry person identification make audits a snap.
  • You can integrate badge scanning for attendance and generate alerts when a student's badge is scanned upon his/her arrival at school.These features enable your staff to monitor closely those student needing special attention.
  • All of your data is combined into a single database--easily accessible by all staff. Realtime updating keeps everyone informed and prevents students from falling through the cracks.

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Course/Section Management

Although based on School Recordkeeper, the Alternative Education version is drastically different in how it manages student enrollment. Unlike traditional systems which put students in a fixed course--which runs for a fixed period of time, the AE version allows students to be placed in a course through their AEP. When a course log entry is created by the instructor for the first time, the class is flagged as enrolled, and shows as a current course in-progress. Additional log-in for each enrolled class continues until a student withdraws or completes the course. The start and end dates of the class are independent to each student which creates n on-going set of currently enrolled students in a course. Instructors assigned to a course can view an summarized list of all their courses and the students who are currently enrolled in each course.

When it is time for monthly progress reporting, instructors can view their own list of students to evaluate each student--as satisfactory or unsatisfactory--for the month. An instructor can reference, at a glance, the detailed class log for each student and provide monthly individual comments for each student.

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Personnel Management and Scheduling

  • In addition to the standard HR abilities in School Recordkeeper, AE Is the only version to support a full scheduling package to manage the schedule of every staff member.
  • You can block days off, and enter meeting and appointments of all types.
  • A primary feature of the Personnel Management and Scheduling module is a graph-based view where you can see simultaneously staff availability of any number of staff including their availability and any new student activity appointments
  • Scheduled student appointments are visible on each individual student's screen.
  • Appointments can be made by any user. The system updates all linked information in real-time.

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