Recordkeeper School Alternative Education (AE)

Student Management Module

In School Recordkeeper, student tracking cannot be made any easier. You have the ability to search for students by any combination of criteria on all visible fields thus making your student records nearly a click away. You can track grades, certifications, correspondence, portfolios, siblings, family-based contacts, medical forms, over-the-counter drug permissions, elementary school daily plans, daily course attendance, all-day attendance/exceptions plus much more.

Students can be registered in their classes through their student record as well as through the section record. You can archive classes for an indefinite amount of time so that past data is always available for reference. The data format allows for millions of entries. There is never a need to purge old data. The many field options accommodate even the most demanding data needs. With six customizable fields, you can rename some data fields for your specific needs.

Program/Major tracking

Program and Major tracking lets administrators design a program or major containing specific courses that must be completed. A student's chosen program/major is just one click away from the opening student screen. Program and major information can be viewed and printed. Program/major information includes what is completed, in progress and taken, as well as what is needed.

Academic Requirements

Each student can be defined to meet a specified set of academic requirements. Passed classes that fulfill one or more areas show on each students requirements as having met the units which that course was defined to require. Each course can have one or an unlimited number of areas and units as requirements. Once completed, each student's requirements are automatically updated. Each student's personal requirements can be modified to allow a custom set of requirements to comply with IEP requirements.


Our flexible transcript printing system lets you create transcript formats to meet your specific needs. Transcripts can include a student's academic requirements, and separate areas for general courses separate from other activities. Student transcript data can even be exported as large blocks of data which can be merged into Microsoft Word.


There is a debit and credit style accounting system seamlessly integrated into School Recordkeeper which allows posting both charges and payments. Payments are auto-balanced against old charges. You can print statements showing all payments with running totals, or with a receipt which shows daily postings and prior balances. Access to the accounting area is controlled through users permissions. Data in the accounting area is secure.

History log

The History log supports an unlimited number of entries per student. Users can add history entries which are time-stamped and displayed chronologically for quick reference. The log provides proper documentation and is perfect for noting when calls were made, letters sent, and actions taken. The History log can store information in any file format. User access to the log is controlled by user permissions. This complete item folio is accessed by anyone with proper rights and does not require network access to the original files.