Dual Mac and Windows Compatibility
School Recordkeeper is cross-platform and fully functional on either Mac or Windows machines. You can use the software on a mixture of both platforms at the same time.

QuickBooks Interface
School Recordkeeper integrates with your Quickbooks and syncs accounts, vendors, receivables and other data between Quickbooks and School Recordkeeper. One-button functionality syncs information back and forth.
Customizable Database
School Recordkeeper is fully customizable. Built-in settings and preferences control how the application works for you, and, we can customize most everything else to fit your needs including screens, reports, and functionality. We can also integrate your existing applications, and, migrate all your data into School Recordkeeper.
Integrated Student, Staff, Personnel Databases
School Recordkeeper keeps track of student, staff, instructor, parent/family, personnel, and contacts. Interrelated data is always at your fingertips in every area of the application. You manage historical information, current information, and information about prospective students.
Customized Reports and Exports
There are over 200 built-in reports in School Recordkeeper, and, all are customizable to reflect your school's branding and requirements. You can print transcripts, grade-reports, attendance, letters, action forms, discipline, parent notices and many more.
Integrated Web Interface
Web interfaces give you access to enrollment, scheduling, time-reporting, course catalog and many other features online. Own your own data. We give you the best features of cloud computing with the security and speed of a locally owned database.

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School Recordkeeper is a fully-featured software and database solution for schools. From K-12, middle and high schools to higher education, School Recordkeeper allows you to invest in a single system to manage all of your needs. Standard versions include features to manage students, class, locations, personnel, scheduling, calendars and more. Alternative versions include modules customized for Alumni tracking, grant and scholarship finance tracking, medical conditions, special learning programs, student surveys, conference programs—School Recordkeeper is customizable.

As custom software developers, our focus is to create a system for your school to meet your needs without concern for our overall agenda for development. The version you select may be standard to start, but each version allows for future customization to met your changing requirements.¹

School Recordkeeper

School Recordkeeper is our standard offering for Higher Ed, colleges, Trade and Specialty schools. This version uses standard course scheduling procedures, transcripts, students, and contact data storage. Manage all your schools' contacts and their relationship to your students. You can log employment, Internships and work experience in relation to each of your contacts.

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School Recordkeeper Mobile and Survey

School Recordkeeper Mobile is a Filemaker Pro 12 compatible stand-alone application for use on an iPad. While the application works flawlessly on either a Macintosh or Windows PC desktop, it is designed for the iPad. School Recordkeeper Mobile is tailored for conferences, workshops, remote location management, tradeshow breakout sessions and short-term educational programs. You can enroll students, schedule class sessions, complie student records—including taking photos—track emergency information, ethnicity and special needs, and more. With School Recordkeeper Mobile Survey you can create and administer surveys, create measurement scales, print reports, and review/export metrics.

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School Recordkeeper AE

School Recordkeeper Alternative Ed is based on School Recordkeeper but highly customized for alterntive high schools and home schooling systems. AE Includes course enrollment, extremely detailed tracking of student logging for library books, correspondence, badge scanning, attendance, detailed logging in course activity, AEP and student improvement tracking, monthly progress reporting and much more. AE Is the only fully-featured software solution of its kind.

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School Recordkeeper K-12

School Recordkeeper K-12 is a specialized version of standard RecordKeeper. The difference is that K-12 replaces the contacts and student relationships with parent contact and family relationship management. You can link multiple siblings to a single (parent) contact and manage mailing, K-6 attendance systems, detailed medical forms and immunizations as well as after-school class scheduling and accounting.

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¹ School Recordkeeper, K-12, AE, TM are designed for schools in the United States, the United Kingdowm, Australia, and Canada only at this time.