School Recordkeeper

Web Interface

School Recordkeeper is a client server system. Portions of the server can be accessed via a web browser. Custom web interfaces are available and can be customized or created. The Filemaker client cannot be substituted by a web browser. It offers superior maneuverability and flexibility over web interfaces.

The web interfaces listed below, help keep security tight. They grant limited interfaces for student data over the web. A client server system keeps the data securely on your own school's servers, and ready for direct access from backup storage in case of emergencies. This does not take any prior server configuration.

When you are deciding on a web based interface, be aware that web interfaces require considerable server setup and configuration. Such services do not serve the school well in a crisis or in case of loss of network or internet.


  • Online Registration System
  • Personnel Personal Information Updates Interface
  • Parent Volunteer Hours Tracking, Committees, Members and Volunteer Offerings


  • Interfaces with Microsoft IIS, Apache (OSX/Unix) webserver
  • Utilizes Lassosofts lasso LDML web programming language
  • Web code is compatible with Graphical Web html editors
  • Code is fully unlocked for user modification
  • Customization service available
  • If you can imagine it - we can build it!