School Recordkeeper

Classes Module

Detailed course management starts with the simple ability swiftly to view any course at any time--including past courses. Easily accomplish all your course planning, execution, and history tracking. School Recordkeeper's ability to search for courses by any combination of criteria, in any visible fields, will return your results quickly and accurately.

Students are enrolled through the course-enrollees screen which shows all enrollees and their current status. Conflict catching helps avoid over-scheduling and double scheduling the students.

With each course. you assign your instructors, and locations. This makes it easy to track who is teaching where, and what rooms are in use when. Each course also is encoded with a class type or category to help facilitate a course catalog. The catalog can be categorized by class type, and it can have multiple courses which fulfill a student's program/major requirement. When you are finished setting up your courses, you can quickly view/print a calendar showing all courses being offered. With the printed calendar it is easy visually to spot check for accuracy.